Leslie Camacho Leslie Camacho President of EllisLab
Simon Collison Simon Collison Co-founder of Erskine Design and a true EE evangelist
Derek Allard Derek Allard Technology Architect at EllisLab
Veerle Pieters Veerle Pieters Graphic/web designer at Duoh!
Ryan Irelan Ryan Irelan Senior Web Developer Airbag Industries. Founder of EE Screencasts
image Paul Burdick Lead Developer of Solspace
Thomas Myer Thomas Myer Owner of Triple Dog Dare Media and author of "Professional CodeIgniter"
Brandon Kelly Brandon Kelly Senior UI Developer at LEVEL Studios, California
Michael Boyink Michael Boyink Founder and principal of Train-ee.com
Leevi Graham Leevi Graham Technical Director and one of the founding partners at Newism.
Lodewijk Schutte Lodewijk Schutte Freelance web developer and creator of many EE add-ons
Chris Pollock Chris Pollock Senior Web Developer and General Manager of Simplified Safety
Jamie Rumbelow Jamie Rumbelow Freelance web developer and co-founder of BinaryCake
image Jamie Pittock Interaction designer and the operations director at Erskine Design
John Henry Donovan John Henry Donovan Web developer & designer and Tech. Support Specialist at EllisLab
image Jonathan Longnecker co-founder of FortySeven Media
Phil Sturgeon UK based web developer and founder of PyroCMS
Leslie Flinger Twitter says "Wife, Mom, Web Developer. Nerd."
Simon Collison

Simon Collison

With a track-record of implementing EE-based sites since 2004, Simon is one of the original evangelists. In 2006 he co-founded Erskine Design with an ambition and desire to do exceptional things. He’s helped build a talented team of designers and developers whose clients range from Frieze and EllisLab through to government orgs and polar explorers.

Simon has a long-running blog and has written bestselling web books, including the first publication to cover EE. He’s also a recognised speaker on subjects from process and research through to design and development.

Talk: Five Years of Quiet Revolution

For Simon, EE was never a mere blogging tool, but rather a CMS with huge potential. The antithesis of all those grossly expensive and clunky proprietary “solutions”, EE brought us inexpensive, intelligent software that offered a low entry level, and inspired a quiet revolution.

Looking back at five years of heavy-lifting with EE, through his own experiences and those of others, Simon will explore the methods and ways of thinking that have empowered web teams like his own to tackle incredibly complex builds.

To this day, EE remains the primary choice for many of us, but how do we ensure it continues to meet the needs of professional development for content-heavy, ever-evolving websites? Expect an honest appraisal from someone who spends his days working at the sharp end.

Derek Allard

Derek Allard

Derek Allard is Technology Architect at EllisLab, and is a programmer, author, and award-winning instructor based in Toronto, Canada (eh). He spends his days building the PHP framework CodeIgniter, and the most flexible Content Management System on the market, ExpressionEngine. Derek is a standards and accessibility supporter, a scripting and database guy, and a PHP junkie. He blogs about all things web at DerekAllard.com.

Talk: on the Shoulders of Giants: How Community Shapes Development in EllisLab

Derek will be talking about how the Ellislab dev team works internally, with special focus on the role the community plays. Basically, he wants to tell a story that goes like this:
- A need is identified in the community, and a feature request is made.
- The FR is looked at by the dev team, who beat up the idea, and go back to the community for input
- The FR passes the “is this useful, is this practical” test, and we decide to implement.
- The development process we use (we work remotely, so I’ll spend a bit of time explaining how we manage this)

Veerle Pieters

Veerle Pieters

Veerle Pieters is a graphic/web designer based in Deinze, Belgium. Starting in '92 as a freelance graphic designer, Veerle worked on print design before focussing more on webdesign and GUI (since '96). She runs her own design studio Duoh! together with Geert Leyseele. Veerle has been blogging since 2003 and is considered number 39 on the list of “NxE's Fifty Most Influential "Female" Bloggers”.

Talk: Designing and using the new EE 2.0 (beta) interface

Get to know the full design process behind the new ExpressionEngine 2.0 (beta) GUI. Find out why and how certain design decision were made. What was the thinking process to come up with an interface that meets the expectations of hardcore developers as well as beginners, clients and designers. All followed up with a practical hands on example of how to use this fabulous new version seen through a designer’s eye.


Paul Burdick

Paul lives two lives. One immersed in the outdoors and the other immersed in code. He has been known to take his weekend and spend Saturday climbing a mountain and then all of Sunday writing an entirely new Add-On for ExpressionEngine.

Having started as a fresh-eyed, bushy-tailed developer on pMachine Pro, he evolved to become the Chief Technology Officer of EllisLab, where he spent four years being the head of development for pMachine, ExpressionEngine, and eventually CodeIgniter. After a year and a half of semi-retirement, he has rejoined the development world as the Lead Developer for Solspace, Inc. where he is working towards building more powerful and efficient Add-Ons for the ExpressionEngine platform. If you are looking for seo expert then learn more .

He really likes apples.

Workshop: Add-On Development: EE Expects that Every Developer will do his Duty

Add-Ons are what make ExpressionEngine the flexible powerhouse that it is today.  Being able to write your own simple plugins or incredibly expansive modules allows you to mold ExpressionEngine to nearly any task that your website might require.  However, with that power comes a great responsibility to insure that your code is not slowing down the entire site or unduly stressing the server through bad code architecture.

There are simple tools already built into ExpressionEngine and PHP that you can use to see precisely what your Add-On is doing during page processing and where it might be doing more work than is absolutely necessary. Every developer should use these to optimize their work from the very beginning of development, prior to release. This workshop will explain these tools and how you can use them effectively. It will also delve deeper into optimization techniques and tricks that will keep your code light and clean, while finding a balance between functionality and performance.

Towards the end of the workshop, the floor will be opened to questions and discussion. Everyone learns from experience, and not just their own. The ExpressionEngine developer community is vast and collaboration in this area helps us all learn and be better developers.

Thomas Myer

Thomas Myer

Thomas Myer is the owner of Triple Dog Dare Media, an Austin, TX based web consulting firm, founded in 2001. For the past 7 years he has built hundreds of web applications for dozens of companies, as well as served as technical team lead, trainer, writer, and information architect.

He is the author of five books (No Nonsense XML Web Development with PHP [SitePoint], Lead Generation on the Web [O’Reilly], Professional CodeIgniter [WROX], From Geek to Peak [Nimble], and Mac OS X UNIX Toolbox [Wiley]) as well as dozens of articles on PHP, Web scripting, Web security, and small business topics. He has been a web developer, speaker, author, technical writer, and freelance journalist, as well as a former graduate student in English and Linguistics.

Talk: Guerrilla Prototyping with CodeIgniter

How to create compelling working prototypes in CodeIgniter when you work at a place that disrespects/hates/misunderstands open source technologies. Will include how to plan, how to work, how to organize models, views, controllers, and helpers/plugins/libraries. Emphasis on integration with agile methodologies and with front-end frameworks like jQuery and JSON to speed up work.

Brandon Kelly

Brandon Kelly

Brandon Kelly is a Senior UI Developer at LEVEL Studios in California, where he serves the hypertext needs of everyone's favorite fruit company. His passion for web technologies led him to discover ExpressionEngine, which he found to possess the perfect blend of simplicity, flexibility, and - best of all - extensibility. He made a name for himself in the EE community after releasing several groundbreaking extensions, such as Playa (awarded Extension of the Year by Devot:ee) and FieldFrame, which have remarkably simplified the way developers approach content management.

Michael Boyink

Michael Boyink

Michael is the founder and principal of Train-ee.com - launched in 2008 as a platform to offer ExpressionEngine learning materials.  Train-ee offered the first ExpressionEngine book, screencasts and classroom training for ExpressionEngine. Michael has helped hundreds of people learn how to use ExpressionEngine through Train-ee and his involvement in the ExpressionEngine community.

Michael Boyink has over 15 years experience building "stuff on screens" - starting in TV news production, moving to software and finally the web. He has worked for small consultancy firms and Fortune 500 companies. He is the married father of two, and when not talking about ExpressionEngine can usually be found in the garage risking life and limb pursuing his other passion of “resto-modding” a 1964 Jeep.

Talk: Selling and Planning EE Sites

So You Got an RFP.
..now what?  Building websites with ExpressionEngine can be way different than static sites or other CMS tools.  How do you quote a project out without spending days on it trying to be too detailed, or making quick wild guesses and then losing your shirt on the deal?

Michael Boyink will cover how to quote out EE-based sites-including what information you need from clients, identifying scope and scale, how to identify possible tricky spots, and ultimately how to put hours/cost around the project without darn near developing the thing just figure it out.

Then when you do get the job-what then?  Boyink will outline his process for more detailed back-end planning and staging of the build.

Lodewijk Schutte

Lodewijk Schutte

Low has worked for large and small companies gathering experience on both front-end and back-end web development. The last couple of years, he has been focussing on ExpressionEngine. He developed many add-ons for ExpressionEngine. His work has earned him a place in the ExpressionEngine Professionals Network.

Workshop: Ajax & EE/CI: the Hi road & the Low road

Ever since Adaptive Path’s Jesse James Garrett coined the term AJAX, this collection of techniques to give “rollerskates to the web” has gained popularity immensely. Its patterns can be very powerful, and range from simple 5-star ratings to full on Single Page Interfaces. And with popular JavaScript libraries like jQuery, these patterns have become the tools of even the n00best of developers. But with great power comes great responsibility. Like so many things, you’re doing it right or you’re doing it wrong.

In this workshop, I’ll give you some examples on how to win at Ajax, by letting the front-end (html, css and javascript) play nice with the back-end (ExpressionEngine or CodeIgniter) and vice versa.

Chris Pollock

Chris Pollock

Talk: Integrating Magento and ExpressionEngine The Story of SimplifiedSafety.com

In this session Chris Pollock will narrate and explain his integration between a Magento ecommerce engine and the ExpressionEngine content management system.  His goal was to combine the strengths of both systems, while providing a seamless experience for the user.  Chris will discuss the basic methods he employed to produce a seamless integration (from the users perspective) and also talk about potential pitfalls and weaknesses in his approach.  For those endeavoring to use Expression Engine in a commerce environment, this session should open up possibilities and bring awareness of problems.  An added bonus to this topic will be the discussion of the internationalization, single sign-on and multi-store use of Magento. 

Jamie Rumbelow

Jamie Rumbelow

Jamie is a vibrant, eccentric developer from Cambridge in England. A PHP and CodeIgniter Guru, a fanatic about JavaScript and mad about Ruby on Rails, Jamie spends most of his days trying out new web techniques or talking about them at conferences, in workshops and around the web. He runs his own podcast, writes for his blog and various other publications and releases open source code, libraries and tutorials to the community. In early 2009 he joined forces with Elliot Haughin to setup BinaryCake, a small boutique media publisher focusing on selling high-quality, professional and affordable screencasts.

Talk: Reigniting the Kindling

What made you fall in love with CodeIgniter? What was it that made it work for you, made it click? Whether you’ve been crafting applications with CodeIgniter for a week, or since 1923, you’ll be surprised by what you can find hidden in this small, lightweight, modest framework. Learn the intricacies and secrets of CodeIgniter’s internals, discover hidden gems and unearth long lost code, buried deep in the framework’s inner workings. You’ll fall in love with CodeIgniter all over again.

Workshop: Extending CodeIgniter: Libraries, Hooks, Helpers and more

One of the things that draws people in to using CodeIgniter is the extensive plugin system, the ability to simply drop files into a directory and have the framework do the heavy lifting. There are many extensions already out there, but sometimes they just won’t do, and you can easily and quickly create your own. Learn how to extend your framework, look at the differences between libraries, plugins and helpers and find out the best methods to plug CodeIgniter into other PHP applications.


Jamie Pittock

Jamie is an interaction designer and the operations director at Erskine Design.  He loves what he does, dividing his days between ensuring the team/projects are running smoothly, designing awesome user experiences, and ‘messing’ in ExpressionEngine and resell white label seo.

Workshop: The art of proactive parenting

“Helping parents raise children, not just correcting behaviour”

We all spend a lot of time talking about how our lives are made easier by ExpressionEngine’s features and flexibility during the development of the websites we build.

It’s easy to forget that this phase of a website’s life doesn’t even get it to infancy.  It is in fact just a tiny fraction of it’s life thus far.  What isn’t talked about enough is how we can make the lives of the site owners or administrators easier, giving them the knowledge, confidence, and tools to successfully manage their content and nurture their new website as it grows and develops.

We’re all very reactive when we see clients managing their content in unpredicable ways.  We’ve all had a good laugh/cry around the office at the latest ridiculously sized image/clipart that’s been added to the website.  We’ve all had that same “Why doesn’t it look the same as in MS Word” conversation.  I’m sure we’ve all felt the same frustration at the thing we’ve laboured over for all those nights becoming less and less recognisable as the weeks after launch go by.

It’s time to get proactive.

In this workshop you will learn how to keep tighter control of the design of content post-launch whilst simultaneously expanding your clients’ possibilities and abilities.  We’ll discuss the importance of defining a workflow, of educating your clients, but also of understanding their expectations and their past experience.  We’ll also look at some practical tools to improve your publish forms and some tricks Erskine Design have learned along the way to reduce your stress levels when you hand over your baby!

John Henry Donovan

John Henry Donovan

John Henry is a Technical Support Specialist at EllisLab and is a web developer & designer based in Ireland where he heads up the New Media department at H+A Marketing + PR, one of Ireland’s pre-eminent marketing communications agencies. Originally a graduate of Industrial Design, he has spent the last 13 years designing and building websites. He has been using ExpressionEngine since 2004 and writes frequently on his personal blog. He is married and lives in the country with his wife and 2 daughters


Jonathan Longnecker

Jonathan Longnecker is the co-founder of FortySeven Media - a kick awesome design firm specializing in web, print and media creation. Jonathan loves simple designs that communicate quickly, and is fanatical about the details that sets their work apart. Find him on twitter (@necker47), and on the web at fortysevenmedia.com.

Workshop: From Design to Dynamic - Rapid Development with EE

A summary of his workshop will be soon added to the website.

Phil Sturgeon

Phil Sturgeon is a Bristol, UK based web developer who works for the financial services company HargreavesLansdown. In his spare time he contributes to open source projects such as PyroCMS and writes articles for his blog (http://philsturgeon.co.uk) about CodeIgniter and anything else web. Leaving the computers behind, Phil loves getting outdoors. Most weekends he will be kayaking, hiking, mountain climbing or cycling: either for charity or in training.

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