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Testing Web Services

Testing - a process that is to verify compliance with a software product or website the specs and requirements, requirements for use in different environments, with different loads, safety requirements, requirements for ergonomics and ease of use.

There are the following types of testing:

Functional testing. This type of test checks the function implemented requirements, TK, specifications, various other project documents and simple user expectations. Checks each of the functions of the application and all of them in the complex. Explore all usage scenarios.

Are you sure you search through all the parameters of your website is working properly? Have you checked all the combinations of parameters? Think that if you do not find the right product, you will lose some of its profits!

Configuration testing. This kind of test allows you to check how the application behaves under different screen resolutions, different browsers on different operating systems, with different hardware and software.

Did you know that 10% of users use non-standard browsers? You know how your site looks in this browser? Anyway, if it works? Hardly a good idea to lose 10% of potential buyers.

Security testing. This type of test to verify that the data is stored securely, access to them is blocked to unauthorized persons. Data in storage, handling and other work with them can not be prepared by the methods of unauthorized access. Scan encrypted database, communication channels, input and data transport interfaces.

Are not you afraid that one day the attacker can ruin your database or stop the operation of the site? What did you do to prevent this? Does not calm his conscience, check security!

Stress Testing. This type of testing allows you to identify the level of critical loads when working with databases, web servers, networks, and other resources. With the help of automated tests can reproduce typical user interaction scenarios and repeatedly multiply their number, modeled, so how to behave in the system at 100 or 10,000 active users.

Are you ready to increase the popularity of your site? You know what would happen if the advertisement "shoot" and the number of your visitors will increase by 10 times? It would be very disappointing if the server has not coped with work just at this moment.

Testing usability. Checking product usability. Investigated by the example of a group of subjects, the user perceives the product as it is currently the way to use it, how much time is spent on this or that action, what problems he had there, and whether it is able to solve them.

Is there enough simple and clear your site? Does every user will be able to figure out how to order the product? But how to find it? Had he gone to your competitors, because their site is easy and intuitive? To conduct proficiency testing, it is necessary to contact web testing company.

Automated testing. Testing in automatic mode with the help of software script allows you to automate the process. This is useful when a product is often changed, but it has great functionality. Automated testing allows you to keep track of all the features of the product is stable after making changes. Automated testing can be integrated in the application development cycle, doing it after every new build or create a new version.

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