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Creative Domain Name Marketplaces

Domain name - is the address of your site, mostly written in English. Domain name is highlighted in the top bar of the browser no matter what browser used by the visitor. By purchasing a domain name for future site in the first place it is necessary to select the zone, which will be located in the domain. Domains - this is part of the address, which is written at the end, after a point, for example: org, com, and so on.

On the Internet, there are several special services, with which you will be able to choose a domain name for the site, and check for employment. To ensure the uniqueness and protection of the rights to the domain name you need to register. The total number of registered domains is approaching 200 million, and pick up a free, beautiful and short domain name has become very difficult. Ordering the creation of a site in our studio, you get a free consultation and will be able to choose a domain name that fits your site.

How to buy a domain name
How to choose a domain name for your site

The main criteria for choosing a domain name:
- Short
- Memorable
- Spoken
- Easy to write.

Quite often we meet with a situation where recklessly chosen domain name for future site not only reflects the goals of the project, but does not carry any semantic meaning whatsoever. Adhere to the criteria of brevity, is becoming increasingly difficult. In most areas of the old domain (com, net, org) is now very difficult to find a free domain name from any of the five letters. Some national domain zones still have the possibility of acquiring names composed of 3 characters from Popcentric. But it is a great success, basically the names put up for auction.

Usually resolves domain registration up to 63 characters. Of course, the shorter the domain name, the better, but there is the other extreme: long domain names used to promote and attract attention, for example: llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwyll-llantysiliogogogoch.com - name of the village Llanfairpwllgwyngyll in Wales on the island of Anglesey, meaning the Church of St. Mary in the hollow overgrown with white hazel near a rapid whirlpool, near the Church of the Holy Tisilio and red cave. Writing by hand is a domain name is unthinkable, this is done only to attract the attention of tourists.

There are cases when domain names were sold for an amount equal to more than one thousand dollars. The average price for domains consisting, for example, from the name of a mythological deity in the area reaches 50 thousand dollars. Five years ago, most of these names have been commercially available. For example, many companies would like to have its official website on the domain business.com. That's why the domain name was sold for $345 million.

How to check the domain name

To check the facilities chosen domain name from the point of view of the spoken, it makes sense to imagine that you dictate it over the phone. In this case, it will be seen as a float all possible misunderstandings and inconvenience. The correct choice of domain name for the site plays an important role in the success of an Internet project. Visitors often come to the site, just guessing his name on the basis of their perceptions of the existence of a certain service or brand. Perhaps someone has already visited resources, and try to remember his name in order to re-visit. Therefore, in the case of unclear writing the name of your organization, it makes sense to register multiple domain names involving different interpretations.

For the site of the enterprise, firm or company domain name is better to choose according to its name. For the project thematic content - Topic titles. The domain name must somehow characterize your site, and not to sound stupid set of letters. A domain name should be easy to use for recording and easy to remember by ear. Avoid the use of certain letters and numbers congruent transcription with any other words.

Try not to use abbreviations. Not every user is able to remember the name of the correspondence between the organization and its same name composed of the first letters of the words included. In some situations, the funny domain names may mean something quite different from that intended. This is especially important for sites with multiple language versions.

Compliance with these guidelines when choosing a domain name will help you get an additional influx of visits due to easier detection of your site users initially have a small amount of information about your organization. Moreover, the domain name is selected based on certain criteria, will play a positive role in the further promotion of your site.

Ridiculous domain names

When I picked up the name of his studio and the future of the site, I have a question: what name to take. I made a list of my studio suitable for domain names. But when he began to check on the internet, it turned out that everything is already taken. Then I began to pick up the others, but they were all busy. I got in touch with some of the owners of sites suitable to me by name, and asked if I will not give anyone a name that interests me. But this option was dropped for various reasons: someone has had a bad reputation, someone wanted too much money for me, etc. Then I realized that it is very difficult to choose a domain name of the site to reflect the essence of the project, it was not difficult, and is not used.
It was then that I encountered for the first time with ridiculous and meaningless name of the site. Now I found this material and bring it to you in full, laugh - it's true!

The most expensive domain names

When I create a website to our customers, I am often asked to help choose a domain name. So I have to analyze the performance of the firm or company to choose a domain name for the site, as much as possible reflects the essence of the Internet project. Pick up a meaningful domain name is becoming more difficult, because all good is already occupied, and had to make a lot of effort to still choose a domain name that fits within the meaning of. Part loud and popular names for sale, as I already wrote. Now I decided to tell you about the coolest, that is expensive domain names, perhaps it give you some specific ideas, but no - it's just so interesting.

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