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How to control the working time of employees using online services?

It is considered that the effectiveness of an employee can only be measured by the results of his work. But there are many types of work in which the payment is not only for the result, but for the time worked. In this case, we have to somehow estimate the time worked. How to do it? That is why today we are talking about online time tracking service Workexaminer.com.

But first, understand, and in what situations do you need to monitor staff time?

Situation number 1
You are considering opening a new office or increase an existing one. Have to hire new workers. But if the extension is justified? To determine this, you need to clearly understand what people are doing now.

Situation number 2
Does your employee's hourly rate. The situation is repeated several times, when he says he does not have time in the stipulated time frame and requests to pay for overtime. What are the reasons that he did not have time?

Situation number 3
You are plagued by suspicions that employees freebies. How to refute or confirm these suspicions?
Control of working time
How the internet monitoring software works on monitoring employees timing.

Workexaminer.com operates fully automatically and without human intervention. Service monitors all activity from the moment the user's computer until the end of work. Workexaminer.com also records the presence of
breaks, writes the names of programs, web sites visited by employees that much time was spent on each site, etc.

And once all the work is grouped according to the principle productive/unproductive/neutral. By "productive" are working tools (like Photoshop for the designer), to "neproizvoditelnymm" - programs and websites that are not required for this work (like ICQ for the designer). Thus manager receives visual and easy to analyze graphs.

What programs are used by employees
How to start monitoring of employees

Just 3 simple steps:
register on the site Workexaminer.com;
download the app (runs on Windows, Linux, Mac);
install the application on the desktop computers of employees. That's it!

If at any time you no longer understand what goes paid hours your employees use the service for automatic time tracking. Test Workexaminer.com free for the first 2 weeks. This is just enough to see the first positive results. And make sure that the cost of monitoring is available even for small companies.

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