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Ten of the best applications for reading PDF

PDF-files differ light weight and portability, they can maintain documents of various styles, from heavy text benefits to high-quality documents with illustrations, including e-books and comics. Pre-formulated documents suggest the use of the format for creating your own documents official format. The best applications for reading PDF offer far more than just open the files, providing a variety of navigation functions, annotations and even support for cloud storage to offer the user a full range of functions. Android PDF library is quick and effective way through which its simple and intuitive user interface, users can generate PDF files quickly and easily even from very large documents

Adobe Reader (Android, iOS)
Version 11.2.1:

If you look at the original PDF Reader of Adobe, you will see a very bloated software, as opposed to the mobile version which is easy and functional. Adobe Reader for Android and iOS can display a range of PDF-documents, including fillable forms, password protected files and protected by Adobe LiveCycle DRM. Adobe Reader includes a function reflow text, contextual search feature, bookmarks and hyperlinks, as well as the possibility of filling out forms. Users can also insert and view annotations and sign documents electronically. Additional tools are available for users of Acrobat Plus or purchase applications.

Foxit Mobile PDF (Android, iOS)

Mobile version of the popular desktop programs, Foxit Mobile PDF (Android, iOS) is a high-quality application for reading and working with PDF-based mobile needs. Foxit supports normal and password-protected PDF-files, with support for various document formats and user-defined bookmarks. Options allow annotations highlight, underline, or cross out text, as well as add notes to the text fields, or even to draw by hand in the document. The "fusion" of the text allows you to read comfortably, even on the small screen of your smartphone. Cloud Support allows you to upload and download files to PDF from popular service providers.

PDF Reader (iOS)

Kdan Mobile PDF Reader is a quality representative of free software for iOS, able to provide reliable visualization and reading, along with useful features to scan documents. PDF Reader supports bookmarks, file hierarchy, miniatures and can open password-protected files. Text search and page slider allow you to move to wherever you need to, while text reflow function provides a comfortable reading on small screens. Annotation tools provide annotate documents, and support for cloud storage allows you to upload, download and create backup copies of documents. Scan Mode allows you to use the camera as a scanner and create PDF files with its data.

iAnnotate (iOS, Android)

iAnnotate (Android, iOS) is an impressive application for reading PDF, which comes with a variety of features and settings for reading PDF and edit it. Users can open PDF-files, search for terms and keywords, as well as navigate through bookmarks or scroll the document in the continuous playback mode. A distinctive feature of the program is a powerful set of annotations, which allows users to add notes, draw, highlight, underline and strike out portions of documents. Tabbed browsing allows you to work with multiple documents at the same time. PDF-files can be customized, imported into the cloud storage service or e-mailed to recipients.

Kindle (Android, iOS)

It is worth noting that the Kindle (Android, iOS) is not an application for reading PDF, instead, it is widely used as an application for reading, which can be used to read PDF. While the function of working with PDF Kindle fairly simple, cloud Kindle library allows users to download PDF-files up to 50 megabytes in their libraries. These files can be synchronized across multiple devices, you can also view the PDF-files, which are stored on the local device. If all you need is to read PDF-files and you do not need additional tools, this application is more than enough.

Google Play Books (Android, iOS)

Google Play Books (Android, iOS) is another solution that does not focus on the PDF, but you support this format rather unusual way. Google Play Books supports 3D-page animation, search functions and vocabulary, as well as the ability to create custom bookmarks, annotations and instantaneous synchronization between devices. Users will have to download the documents in advance, but as soon as they enter the service cloud storage, PDF files and displaying quality can be synchronized and downloaded to the device. If you're already using cloud storage service and Play Books, is a good option to extend the functionality.

Mantano Reader Premium (Android, iOS)

Host application for e-books and PDF on Android, Mantano Reader Premium was recently launched for iOS with powerful functions to read and edit. Mantano Reader supports popular e-book formats, Adobe DRM and password-protected files, with the additional service of a cloud synchronization. The application provides functions for reading the highest quality, with a voice reading the text, the orientation of the text, animated flipping pages, search functions, and many other annotations. The app is easy to set up and demonstrate broad functionality; the only drawback is the high price.

PlugPDF SDK Reader (Android)

PlugPDF SDK Reader is a paid app for Android-PDF reader with an incredible navigation and annotation tools that make reading and editing PDF is extremely easy task. Supporting basic formats and password-protected PDF-files, PlugPDF SDK allows users to easily view and navigate through files by searching, bookmarks, comments, and miniatures. Basic tools Underline, Strikethrough, notes and freehand drawing capabilities support annotations, including support sites, email addresses and phone numbers so you can quickly go to external links. Reflow text, color themes and other tools provide additional options for reading.

PFD Expert (iOS)

At the forefront of iOS, the app Readdle, PDF Expert, is one of the most impressive tools of reading PDF, among those available to mobile users. PDF Expert can open all types of PDF-files, including password-protected and forms to fill out. The application also supports many other formats of documents stored locally or in the cloud. Drawing tools, underscores, and other means of annotations, provide opportunities for marking documents, while the text search, PDF-links and other navigational aids, help you go wherever you want to go.

GoodReader (iPad, iPhone)

Powerful application for reading PDF-based devices with iOS, GoodReader (iPad, iPhone) offers a variety of annotation, navigation and file management tools. Search tools, text reflow, and other navigation tools make it easy to get to where you need while editing tools and annotations by hand, make it easy to make his mark in the document. Built-in file manager allows you to work with documents on the device, supporting uploading and downloading of cloud storage. In addition to the PDF-files, GoodReader supports MS Office and iWORK 08/09 files, allowing you to use the application as a flexible tool mobile office.

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